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2017 CMS Assister Summit (Webcast)

Important Message

Registration: Should on-site registration reach its capacity, please note that this event will also be administered virtually via a simultaneous webcast.

Every attendee must register separately for this event. Your confirmation is unique to your registration; please do not forward your confirmation to another individual. Please use the email address that is affiliated with your organization when you register rather than your personal email address.

Video/Image Disclosure: This conference will be recorded by CMS. By registering to attend this conference in person, you fully consent to the use of your image in a legitimate manner which is not intended to cause any harm or undue embarrassment. Your image may be used and shown within or outside CMS and may be used for other lawful government purposes and activities. By entering into this conference, you fully consent to the use of your image. 

Adobe Connect Password Reset Issues:  If you’ve forgotten your CMS Adobe Connect password, please email and for assistance.

Changes/Cancellations: If your organization’s representative is unable to attend this event and in order to comply with CMS’ Security and the Real ID Act, we can no longer allow participants to automatically change participants.

If you wish to change your registration from in-person attendance to webcast, you will need to re-register using the webcast registration link on the CTEO website.

For last-minute changes and cancellations, please email us immediately at regarding this change.

Staying Connected: In registering for this conference, you are giving CMS permission to communicate conference information and any updates using your organizational email via Outlook and/or govDelivery.

The event has ended. Thank you

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